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MOMENT Vol 1 Hydrosol - 1st & 2nd Co-Distillation 2fl oz

MOMENT Vol 1 Hydrosol - 1st & 2nd Co-Distillation 2fl oz

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Aloha!!! This Hydrosol is from the first release of our LIMITED EDITION Fragrances. All of our Limited Edition Fragrances will fall under the name MOMENT. This excitedly, is our first edition Vol 1 Extrait de Parfum of our MOMENT Fragrance Line. The MOMENT Fragrance Line finds its name by using everything we are able to utilize to create an exquisite scent created by whatever florals, exotic woods, etc that we may have on hand lying around, gifted from peoples farrming land or wild crafted from the mountains... or even a combination of all. The end the limited amount of beautiful fragrance that was captured in the MOMENT.  These Hydrosol 2 fl Oz LIMITED EDITION spray bottles of MOMENT are from a doube handpicked co-distillation are limited to only about 32 fl Oz (1 liter) from the combined distillation run making them very unique and few of a kind.. Only about 15 0r so of these bottles will be available.

This incredible beautiful hydrosol distillation was created, crafted, and distilled by perfumer: Spice Prince. Only about 7.5 ml of pure oils was achieved from 30 gallons of material. So much work for so little reward. Definitely an art of passion. This magical creation is a double co-distillation that compiled into the most incredible scent. It's absolutely insane! You can use this Hydrosol spray to freshen up any bathroom or make any room more vibrant. It will definitely lift your mood. Those who've used it says they feel invigorated. The scent could be comparable to feral wild lime and island floral jungle scent and citrus orchard concentraded in the incert of the plumeria flower. This gathered double co-distillation consist of the folowing: Tahitian Lime, Rosemary, Grapefruit, Lemon, Calamansi, Basil, Oregano, Eucalyptus, Brazil Pepper, Jambora, Mango Leaf, Mandarin Orange, Paper Bark Leaf, Plumeria, Red Ginger Flower, Spider Lily, as well as ripe and unripe Guava. All of the 100% Natural Ingredients are from right here on the beautiful island of Maui.


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