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    Hale Parfum was created by Spice Ray Prince, a deep generation medicine man, psychic, traditional healer and herbalist as well as long time perfumer, distiller and designer of perfuming equipment.

    Spice Prince is also the creator of Island Spice Hawaii - A Spiritual Surf Co & Herbal Research Center where his logo wear is designed to promote the lifestyle for his life passion for traveling the world surfing as well as spearfishing and snowboarding. The Island Spice Hawaii Herbal Research Center is also his unique lab of medicinal plants from throughout the globe where he has designed an abundance of natural products that have proven themselves for more than 25 years. This magical Island Spice Hawaii herbal lab is also where so many have come from all over the world to connect with Spice seeking help with their health issues and to seek a much deeper spiritual place and awakening with their inner being and consciousness.  

    Over many years, Spice has utilized his gifts and knowledge to help thousands of people with all types of health issues by raising their vibration physically and spiritually with his guidance of natural diet, plant medicines, and spiritual work. Over this long period of time, Spice has been been following another one of his main life passions by creating high quality natural fragrances to which he feels is a part of all of our equation to raise our vibration for achieving a higher vibratory spiritual and physical state of health and well being.

    With todays world being so toxic to our physical and spiritual existence, it is important to take all possible steps daily to maintain a positive healthy lifestyle. So, your purchasing our high quality natural fragrances not only lifts your mood and makes you feel and smell fantastic.... but helps Spice to promote the quality of positive health achieved with the use of his fragrances and herbal products by supporting him to also educate the harm that can be caused from the use of synthetic materials. He strongly believes that the blessings from wearing pure all natural fragrances is a way of giving back to God to show thanks for all the beautiful creations we've been gifted. The only other thing we can give God to show thanks.... is to love one another. 


    Enjoy Your Beautiful Scent



    Please check out our herbal product line and logo wear available at: www.islandspicehawaii.com




    Our goals, purpose and mission here at HALE PARFUM go way beyond the ideas or reputation for being known as a well recognized fragrance perfume house. Here at haleparfum.com our perfumer Spice Ray Prince is solely focused on creating the awareness of raising your spritual vibration through the use of high quality natural fragrance parfums along with a proper natural diet, all natural herbal regime and daily meditation practices. This will also include educating fragrance enthusiasts about the wide array of harmful affects of chemical scents vs the positive uses of all natural fragrances.

    As we grow with our all natural artisan created parfums, each fragrance will come into existence through their own means of inspiration and a percentage of their sales will go towards supporting that particular fragrances themed inspiration by donating to such positive causes such as gifting children specific things to inspire, helping struggling mothers in need or even financial contributions towards helping to save cultures and their tribal lands or wildlife conservation as for example. And on another positive note, the more our parfum collections grow into existence here at HALE PARFUM the more we will joyfully be able to support the passions of both farmers and distillers for the needed materials for our exquisite all natural parfums to come.

    We ask you to please research the true history of perfuming and its time line of use and creation. Majority of literature claim it to be only 5,000 years old but we here at HALE PARFUM feel that its much older.....possibly closer to 60,000 years old. And if you look at the original purpose for wearing parfums, fragrances and even the smoke of specific incense, it was to honor and enhance the connection to the divine. This historical mindset with perfume later fell towards wearing fragrances for the purpose of raising your vibration and to connect you with Demigods, Diety, the Divine and God the creator. As time passed, we lost that connection and fragrance begin to shift towards wearing it to mask the fowl odors of unclean hygiene and then fell into todays main focus of wearing synthetic scents which are mostly worn to attract the likes of a sexual partner.

    This modern day loss of spiritual connection, is why Spice Prince has dedicated his life to helping others achieve a higher vibratory existence both physically and spiritually and is why our main goal to achieve here at HALE PARFUM is to connect people to a deeper place with themselves spiritually through the wearing of our frangrance parfums incorporated with daily spiritual maintenance through proper diet, herbs and meditation. 

    You will love our parfums and the quality. We are so excited to share them with you!