Company History

Hale Parfum was created by Spice Ray Prince, a deep generation medicine man, psychic, traditional healer and herbalist as well as long time perfumer, distiller and designer of perfuming equipment.

Spice Prince is also the creator of Island Spice Hawaii - A Spiritual Surf Co & Herbal Research Center where his logo wear is designed to promote the lifestyle for his life passion for traveling the world surfing as well as spearfishing and snowboarding. The Island Spice Hawaii Herbal Research Center is also his unique lab of medicinal plants from throughout the globe where he has designed an abundance of natural products that have proven themselves for more than 25 years. This magical Island Spice Hawaii herbal lab is also where so many have come from all over the world to connect with Spice seeking help with their health issues and to seek a much deeper spiritual place and awakening with their inner being and consciousness.  

Over many years, Spice has utilized his gifts and knowledge to help thousands of people with all types of health issues by raising their vibration physically and spiritually with his guidance of natural diet, plant medicines, and spiritual work. Over this long period of time, Spice has been been following another one of his main life passions by creating high quality natural fragrances to which he feels is a part of all of our equation to raise our vibration for achieving a higher vibratory spiritual and physical state of health and well being.

With todays world being so toxic to our physical and spiritual existence, it is important to take all possible steps daily to maintain a positive healthy lifestyle. So, your purchasing our high quality natural fragrances not only lifts your mood and makes you feel and smell fantastic.... but helps Spice to promote the quality of positive health achieved with the use of his fragrances and herbal products by supporting him to also educate the harm that can be caused from the use of synthetic materials. He strongly believes that the blessings from wearing pure all natural fragrances is a way of giving back to God to show thanks for all the beautiful creations we've been gifted. The only other thing we can give God to show thanks is to love one another. 


Enjoy Your Beautiful Scent



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