* You the buyer, understand that Spice Prince is a a deep generation medicine man, psychic, traditional healer, and herbalist as well as long time perfumer, distiller and designer of perfuming equipment. And, before purchasing from haleparfum.com you acknowledge that Spice Prince makes no claims to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease nor that his herbal products and any of his natural fragrances can cure your ailments and health issues as well. You also acknowledge as the buyer that Spice Prince is not a licensed medical doctor and is not here to replace your one-on-one relationship and advise of your qualified health care professional. You are a child of God and should have the free willed decisions to choose your own personal health care.

*Do not consume these parfum fragrances. They are not for internal use!

*You the buyer acknowledges to wear any and all fragrance parfums by HALE PARFUM(haleparfum.com) at your own risk. Please do your research before purchasing from us and be aware of your own allergies and allergic reactions to specific materials before buying. If you have any questions or concerns to what materials our parfum fragrances and any other products may have, please do not hesitate to contact us at: contact.haleparfum@yahoo.com

*If you the buyer does experience an allergic reaction to the use of any products or parfum fragrances please contact a qualified emergency health care physician immediately.

*Dear buyer, let it be known that our parfum fragrances are made using natural materials and that the parfum fragrance batches may very do to unforseen environmental weather patterns which may naturally manipulate the final outcome of each individual material. However, the materials used and the parfum fragrances created will always stand strong as to be our top priority and commitment for being the highest of quality.

**Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding this website and any products sold on the site as well. Mahalo

KE ALA KE KUA NO OI "The Walk of God is Best"