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KAHU 10ml Extrait de Parfum

KAHU 10ml Extrait de Parfum

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This incredible powerful all natural masculine kane (male) parfum is our 1st official signature fragrance. Kahu was inspired by the amazing men in my life from the Hawaiian men who hold strong the ancient cultural practices to those in my life that push their absolute boundaries going beyond the limits of most.

KAHU is the Hawaiian word for guardian and can also be interpreted as the keepers of the secret. I look with such high respect for these men that hold sacred the gift of life and inspire so many through pushing their limits to feedtheir inner needs doing extreme ventures in life to satisfy their soul whether if it's engaging in the powerful spiritual acts of spinning fire or chanting to extreme times spent in nature hunting, fishing, riding waves, diving, martial arts, conquering mountains and so much more.

                        They are the KAHU

                     They are the GUARDIANS

              They are the keepers of the gift of life

KAHU was created to honor these true elite guardians that inspire others and live dedicated spiritual lives.

KAHU 50ml Extrait de Parfum (2023)

SPIRIT NOTES: Neroli, Ambrette, Pinon, Damiana, Coffee Flower, Spikenard

EARTH NOTES: Cocoa, Hemp, Patchouli, Benzoin, Elephant Tree, Spirit Weed, and All Natural Spice Accord

SOUL NOTE: Kinam(2), Oud(2), Iliahi


                         Made with 100%

              High Quality Natural Ingredients 

                    Cleanliness is Godliness

Note: These 3 KAHU signature Extrait de Parfum 10ml bottles are most likely going to be 1 of a kind collectors items unlike our 50ml. They are 100% handmade by Spice Prince. Made from the beautiful woods of walnut, pine, mango and mahogany.

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