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Oil Yield (essential oil) Eucalyptus 10ml

Oil Yield (essential oil) Eucalyptus 10ml

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Aloha!! This Eucalyptus Oil (10 fl ml) bottle is a beautiful high potent oil that literally smells like every fruit in the world and a rainbow poured into a little bottle. It was wildcrafted right here in the West Maui Mountains. At first inhalation of scent, many say it takes them to places of Eucalyptus forest memory that they've been before. This exotic powerful scent definitely opens up your breathing. It literally smells like fresh picked an entire eucalyptus tree in a bottle. No high camphor note like every Eucalyptus oil on the market. This works great in the diffusor to help with coughs, breathing, colds and flu. And, definitely awakens the spirit. Cleanse that negativity away! You'll love it! You'll swear by it!

Contains ONLY 100% ALL NATURAL Earth Grown Maui Eucalyptus leaf ingredients created by God.

Made in Hawaii, Packaged with Aloha

100% Pure Eucalyptus Oil Yield (essential oil) 

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